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Improve your work productivity with best-in-class add-in features to handle your routine email work.

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Boost your email productivity with totle's email template

Email Templates

Create and save email templates you frequently send.

Email template

Respond faster with template

Instead of creating an email from scratch, you'll save time and respond faster with email templates.

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Separate Sending

Send emails to multiple recipients individually with Separate Sending.

Email Autoresponders - Simpletech X Webflow Template

Email to Multiple Recipients

Send the same email message like newsletters, product updates to more than 2 people separately with a single click.

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Send an email to multiple recipients with  an single click!

Mail Merge

Personalize your email messages for each recipient, addressing them by name and tailoring content to maximize engagement.

Team Work - Simpletech X Webflow Template

Personalized emails

Send personalized emails with mail merge.

  1. m_name:  Full name of the recipient
  2. m_firstname: First name of the recipient
  3. m_lastname: Last name of the recipient
  4. m_email: Email address of the recipient
  5. m_company: Company name of the recipient
  6. m_department: Department of the recipient
  7. m_jobtitle: Job title of the recipient
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Email Memo

Add memos to your emails in Outlook.

Ownership - Simpletech X Webflow Template

Memos by emails

Not only it helps you to keep track of your work progress by adding to-dos and deadlines to your project, it also helps you to stay focused on your work.

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Add memos to your emails
View and edit HTML resources in Outlook

HTML Import to Outlook

Import your HTML emails into Outlook easily.

File management

Edit HTML Resources

You can directly edit and preview HTML sources. Once you make changes to the HTML source, the results will appear instantly in your web and mobile browser preview.

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