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December 27, 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Templates

Optimize your inbox with 5 reasons to use email templates. Boost efficiency, consistency, and professionalism!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Templates

Communication via email has become a part of people’s daily lives. According to global statistics, an average of 333.2 billion emails were sent per day in 2022 and is predicted to reach 376.4 billion emails sent per day by 2025 (source: Statista).

According to experts, on average, a person receives around 121 business emails per day and the numbers is predicted to grow around 3% each year (source: CampaignMonitor).

What is email template:

Email template is a pre-outlined email layout that might include text or images – or both, that can be used as a base when you need to send a new email instead of creating from scratch every single time. Because it is a pre-formatted HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - made of reusable code modules, email templates can be easily customized and formatted to highlight your brand and the contents that you want to deliver to the recipient. Email templates also came in handy for making sure that every email sent follows the brand’s standard guidelines.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Templates

Now that you have a brief knowledge of what email template is, let's talk about why you should use email template. There are several benefits of email templates, including:

1. Improves Productivity and Time Efficiency

  • According to research, around 63% of marketers spend at least two hours on designing email content and layout on every project (source: EDM Designer). Creating captivating email content every single time is time consuming and could be creatively challenging, especially if you are short on time and need to cater to different projects or recipients. By using email templates, the amount of time spent on creating email layout, writing content and sending emails would be shorter as you can easily customize the content accordingly on each project or recipient - thus improving work productivity and time efficiency.

2. Improves Communication (Personalisation and Email Response Rates)

  • In the business world, fast communication is critical, especially when a potential or current client or business partner sends an email. A quick response is crucial because longer waiting time might lead the prospects or clients to look for another business to work with. By using email templates, you can significantly shorten the response waiting time when sending and receiving emails.
  • According to data – as of January 2023, the overall average email open rate is around 17% (source: Smart Insight). This might be caused by the overwhelming amount of email the recipients have to go through each day, which might lead them to scan and delete their inbox or use the “Mark as Read” button instead of opening every email in their inbox. Personalization is one of the significant ways to ensure a better email response rate. By sending personalized emails, it could increase brand loyalty and increase the email response rate as the recipients acknowledge that they are getting emails from a trusted source instead of spam or scam messages.

3. Creates Brand Consistency

  • When your brand or company sends out emails that look professional, it builds trust between your brand and the customer or client. Brand consistency would improve your brand experience, which would lead the clients or prospects to continuously interact with your brand. But there is no guarantee that every email sent – to clients or prospects - is according to the company brand guidelines, especially if the emails were sent by different people or teams. This would make your brand look inconsistent and unprofessional. But with email templates, everyone in your team or company could send out emails with the same format and easily customize the content when needed.

4. Reduces Margin of Error and Minimize Disruption

  • There will always be room for mistakes or errors when writing - from as simple as a grammatical or a typo in a sentence to using the wrong formal title when addressing the recipient. These mistakes would badly affect the image of your brand or company because the clients, prospects or business partners could misunderstand the message and look at the company as unprofessional or even unreliable. There are also times when assistance is needed when formatting new emails if you are not using email templates. But if the person in-charge or assistance is unavailable, this could cause disruptions to the project or company workflow. By using email templates, you can reduce the margin of error as you only need to input small changes to the template as well as minimizes work disruption.

5. Improves Document Management and Reduces Stress

  • Businesses commonly store lots of documents and resources on their system that employees can retrieve when needed. There is a possibility that you cannot find the location of the documents or information needed. With email templates, you can store all the layout and data in a single location, which would reduce the number of documents stored on the server.
  • A survey discovered that most people could only send about 50 emails per day before they feel stressed out – which to be honest, is a lot of emails – and that could lower their work productivity (source: Finances Online). When your inboxes are full, but you have a lot of emails to respond to, you might feel the need to put off responding to emails due to the pressure to create new emails or copying and pasting the content every time. By utilizing email templates, you don’t need to spend as much time engaging with emails and would simplify your inbox, which could reduce workload stress.

So, know that you know about the benefits of using email templates,

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